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A P2P streaming solution

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Peer-to-peer streaming

We use a P2P techology to be able to provide this service for free. This also means that every viewer will connect directly to the host's browser to receive the stream, so you must have a decent upload speed to stream to multiple viewers.

Please note that due to the nature of peer-to-peer connection the host can get the viewer's IP address and vice versa, so only join to rooms that you trust!

The only limit is your network connection (and your computer's video encoding power) so don't forget to adjust the bandwidth limits in the settings before joining a room. You can also test the performance by streaming the below linked test page to a friend.

The test page generates random lines at the native framerate of your device which results in a high bitrate stream. In ideal conditions the receiving party should clearly see the lines. Please note that the test site is for benchmark purposes only, streaming normal content will most likely use less bandwidth.

You can also change the benchmark page complexity by changing the number in the URL after the ?n= part, so for example /?n=150 will render 150 lines.

Open benchmark page

How to use NN Stream?

  1. Just navigate to the room selection page either by clicking the link at the top of the page or changing the URL path to /w
  2. Enter any room id or leave the default randomly generated one. If someone sent you the link and you want to join to their room don't change the id!
  3. Enter your (nick) name so others can see that you're the host or started watching.
  4. Hit the button below the form to create/join to the room.
  5. If you're the host select what you want to stream, otherwise enjoy the stream.